Designed for generations

Ayacucho® outdoor clothing and equipment is designed with a focus on responsible, careful sourcing and modern-day technological advancement, giving your adventure the welcome combination of responsibility, comfort and style.

Technical outerwear, T-shirts, backpacks or sleeping pads: Ayacucho® helps young and old to venture out into the world with high-quality outfits and material that lasts for years.


Mountain Midlayer Jacket

Mountain Midlayer Jacket

Peniche Snap Pullover

Peniche Snap Pullover

Peniche Anorak

Highland III Parka

Jas Mountain 3L

Mountain Lightweight Astrodust

Ayacucho Ayacucho


3-in-1 jacket

A technical 3-in-1 jacket is a versatile jacket in which the inner layer can be unzipped and removed. The inner and outer layers can be worn separately or together..


Quick-dry fabrics wick away perspiration quickly, which means your body temperature stays even. You’ll stay fresh, dry and comfortable in these products, whatever you do.


Breathable fabrics or membranes protect from external influences as well as ensuring that perspiration is wicked away quickly so that you do not overheat or become too cold.


An ecological, wash-resistant treatment protects the clothing from four types of mosquitoes. The treatment is both biodegradable and non-hazardous to humans and animals alike.

UV protection

The weaving technique, fabric thickness, and materials used ensure that garments provide a UV protection factor of 50+ where indicated. Protect your body from the sun!

Water repellent

In order to make our garments water-repellent, we use a PFC-free DRW finish from Bionic Finish Eco or Teflon Eco Elite. These coatings are environmentally friendly.


Garments with a windproof membrane offer you optimal protection from cold or strong winds, which means you won’t lose any body heat during outdoor activities.


Reflective details play an important role in the darker parts of the day; you remain highly visible thanks to these reflective pieces.

Made in Europe

Garments that are produced within Europe don't need to travel as far before you can wear them. This means that their transport results in fewer CO2 emissions.


Garments made from recycled materials can be made from reprocessed PET bottles, pre- or post-consumer textile waste, or other materials from recycling programmes.


You can wear reversible garments both normal and inside out.


All our down is produced in a manner that’s as animal-friendly and responsible as possible. The down in Ayacucho products never comes from live-plucked animals.


The waterproof specification is generally expressed in water column/millimetres. The higher the water column, the longer the material repels water.


As many garments as possible are made of natural materials like merino wool, hemp, and organic or Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton.

Sustainable projects

Ayacucho® supports the people of disadvantaged regions

Committed to sustainability and positive social change, each Ayacucho® product sold provides financial funds for Solid, a private organization working to alleviate poverty through socially responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.

“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”



The private foundation Solid has been focusing its activities on disadvantaged regions in Peru, Kenia and India since 2005.

By means of creating opportunities and offering training schemes, Solid encourages farmers, workmen, micro-entrepreneurs and their families to improve their destiny by their own efforts. The organization invests in socially responsible entrepreneurship to stimulate employment, in order to contribute to the sustainable development in these impoverished regions.

Ayacucho Ambassador trip

Each year, we organize an immersion trip together with retailers that sell the Ayacucho® brand, such as A.S.Adventure and Bever. One trip for employees and customers. In Peru, Kenia and India, we actively assist Solid and can see first-hand what Solid International has achieved to date.

“Seeing with your own eyes makes all the difference.”

Warrenty Warrenty

Built to last – extended warranty

We have put lots of care and attention into designing and creating our Ayacucho collection. To ensure you can enjoy many adventures together, we are giving you an extra long warranty for items purchased from the January 1, 2024:

Extended 3 year warranty

  • Clothing & accessories
  • Sleeping mats

Extended 5 year warranty

  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Travel accessories

If you take properly care of your Ayacucho items, you will contribute to protecting and preserving our environment.

Please contact your retailer if you ever run into an issue with one of our items.